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Insolent Leeches!

Arthur’s Scribblings 2.

Bastard Scum from a dead nobility. Scrounging from the vulnerable petrified people of a Gil-shire hamlet. I cant believe what horror and fear one leeching family could create. Thats sorted now.

My selfless defence of the party does reap rewards though. Saving one bar wench from becoming a mindless slave has gained the party a richness of rewards.. too bad the Gnome cant figure out their value.

Socha is though, still very alluring, but she wont be tricking me any time soon. I’m confused to why I remind her of her long lost lover though. Remind yourself to question her more often.

Lastly. The group knows of my true nature. I know Sven will understand, but the rest might not take to me. I bit of charm should solve it, but if not, I’ll have to pick and run with what I can.



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