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Insolent Leeches!

Arthur’s Scribblings 2.

Bastard Scum from a dead nobility. Scrounging from the vulnerable petrified people of a Gil-shire hamlet. I cant believe what horror and fear one leeching family could create. Thats sorted now.

My selfless defence of the party does reap rewards though. Saving one bar wench from becoming a mindless slave has gained the party a richness of rewards.. too bad the Gnome cant figure out their value.

Socha is though, still very alluring, but she wont be tricking me any time soon. I’m confused to why I remind her of her long lost lover though. Remind yourself to question her more often.

Lastly. The group knows of my true nature. I know Sven will understand, but the rest might not take to me. I bit of charm should solve it, but if not, I’ll have to pick and run with what I can.

A Diary Extract

My Travel has taken a detour somewhat over that past day or so…

Not that I am complaining, far from it, I’ve been looking for a new group of travelers to aid in my research for weeks and one falls right into my lap! Not only that but they were carrying no less than four golden apples! FOUR! That’s more than I’ve seen in years! I won’t ask how they got them, and frankly I don’t care, what I do care about is this caster we’ve bumped into…

She’s got just as much an eye for those golden Apples as me, I don’t like that, I recognise those primitive fetishes she’s carrying, old witchcraft that… I’ll keep my eye on her, and I cirtainly won’t let her get a hold of any of those Golden Apples without my knowlege, who knows what she could do with an Alchemical ingredient that powerful…

So here we are finally in a new town… I don’t recall its name but atleast we can get a good nights sleep and a good meal here… Let’s see what today holds…

Arthur's Scribbles
Arthur's Scribbles

Arthur’s scribbles:
Finally, out that bloody forest. Ive seen enough of wood, grubs and mud in my time. I would have said thankfully one less halfling, but an interesting character seems to have joined me, captain sensible and the blessed one. He calls himself Magnus and knows a lot more about Sven and his heritage than any Gnome ive came across before.
I could practically taste the much deserved wine, women and partying after that wild ride in the pixie land until I came across Magnus. But he wasnt the weirdest person I met yesterday.
I find myself out yet again across in (shiver) a small villege in Gilshire. The reason, because Ive made a deal with a Witch.
Her name I keep forgetting, Shocann? Shercarn? Whatever. Since when have I ever remembered a woman’s name? The important thing is she wants our help and the apple we got given by the crazy swamp guy in exchange for lots of gold and poisons she can make.
Magnus is also wise to her tricks and I like that, as my influential ways arnt working.
Gilshire folk ive always known to be wary, so id best be careful. Ill keep reminding myself though, that that only means I could get my way around here.

Bring on the player, the free booze, the local hero stories and the women. As backwards as they may be, its all conquests in Lennsteid world!


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